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In my time in the Department of Management at Michigan State University, I taught the following courses. (This list excludes courses taught as a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics.)

Undergraduate (junior/senior) courses

  • MGT 304: Operations Planning and Control (production management)
  • MGT 306: Analysis of Processes and Systems (quantitative methods)
  • MGT 325: Management Skills (organizational behavior)

MBA courses

  • MBA 804: Applied Data Analysis (statistical methods, primarily time series analysis)
  • MBA 841: Studies in the Global Marketplace (international field trip)
  • MGT 805: Special Topics in Management (elective course in optimization and simulation)
  • MGT 808: Database Management Systems (nontechnical introduction to DBMS)
  • MGT 820: Managing the Internetworked Firm (seminar on Internet technology and governance as it relates to business use of the Internet)
  • MGT 821: Managing Internet Commerce (design of Internet applications, including hands-on experience building a simple web application)
  • MGT 831: Computers and Systems Analysis in Business (introduction to computer systems)
  • MGT 832: Introduction to Business Statistics (a first course in statistics)
  • MGT 833: Decision Support Models (core course in quantitative methods)
  • PIM 850: Analysis and Decision Modeling (online course in statistical methods)

MS/MBA/PhD courses

  • MGT 834: Linear Optimization Models (linear programming theory and practice)
  • MGT 835: Nonlinear Optimization Models (nonlinear programming)
  • MGT 835: Advanced Optimization Models (network and discrete optimization)
  • MGT 836: Applied Stochastic Processes (Markov chains, queueing systems, …)
  • MGT 837: Systems Simulation (discrete event simulation models and methods)
  • MGT 890: Seminar in Advanced Optimization Methods (dynamic and stochastic linear programming)
  • MGT 914: Applied Regression Models in Business Research (doctoral seminar in linear, nonlinear and logistic regression)
  • MGT 921: Seminar in Inventory Theory (research themes in inventory theory)
  • MSC 990a: Analytical Research Methods in Operations Management (doctoral seminar on optimization models in OM)