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I was profiled in the March 2019 issue of ORMS Today (including a video!).

My filing system tends to be “heap sort”.

old office photo

An old photo of myself having a beer with my Evil Twin. (I’m the good-looking one.)

At the MIP 2015 workshop, I was once again low man on the totem pole (or, in this case, bottom right in the pyramid).

human pyramid

I’m the one in red, delivering a roundhouse kick you can’t see, in a match at the 2007 Great Lakes Cup (geezer division). I lost the match, though. (The judges robbed me, of course.)

tournament photo

Back in 2012, when I was about to retire from Michigan State University, some very nice friends in the OR community (hi, Mary L.) thoughtfully set up a blog to commemorate my retirement.